To pass along the virtues of the game of Lacrosse to the Youth of Bedford

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We appreciate your help and support with additional administrative tasks this year. We're really excited to offer a spring season and see the kids on the fields again!


Below are 4 administrative items to help us all be ready for our first game. 

Check in your player via your mobile phone for each practice and game (item #2).

  1. Medical attestation
  2. Check in your player using your phone for each practice and game
  3. Register Players with MBGLL (GIRLS ONLY!)
  4. Add games directly to your calendar and receive updates automatically


  1. Sign your COVID-19 Medical Attestation form. This is a one-time form.  You agree to perform a health check for your child before each practice and comply with the CDC, state and local guidelines listed in this document.  You agree to respectfully keep your player home when not feeling well.  Thank you for doing your part to keep us all healthy this season. 


  1. Download the Sports SignUp Play app 

  1. Login using the email address you provide for the BYL registration process.  The app finds your teams (matches using email address)
  2. Use the features at the bottom of the app.  The Schedule feature includes the practice and game check-ins. Practices are set up as recurring events.  If a coach cancels a practice or changes locations, listen to coach-specific instructions.

  1. Find your player.  Click on your player and provide an attendance status. (e.g., Attending)
  2. Can't find your team or your player?  Contact the BYL Registrar from our BYL Board page). 
  3. You can also indicate attendance by replying to the red and green buttons in the email reminder/notifications sent before each practice or event.  These responses sync to the app. Enable notificiations to receive these emails.

The app is not perfect.  It is free with our website platform and provides an economical option for digital attendance to support contact tracing.  Thanks for your cooperation and learning yet another app.


  1. GIRLS ONLY: Register your player with MBGLL
    1. Go to Mass Bay Girls Lacrosse League’s website:
    2. Click on the red “PLAYERS” button and step through the flow
    3. Having trouble?  See more detailed instructions on the MBGLL Player Registration page.


  1. Add games and practices to your preferred calendar app.  The Bedford Youth Lacrosse site (or the app) contains games AND practice events. The league site contains games but not BYL recurring practice events.
    1. Under Member Leagues and Teams, go to Multi-Schedule.

  1. Select your player's team.  If you have multiple players, grab their schedules together.  Click Submit.


  1. Go to Options, then select Calendar feed.​


Pick your preferred calendar.  You may have to modify calendar settings to pull in the feed.  Do this in the Calendar app itself (Google calendar is shown).



Too much noise?  Need the reminders? Access your team on our Bedford Youth Lacrosse site.  Manage your settings to enable/disable notifications for practice changes, game changes, etc.  Remember to sign in/login.  



Regular practice schedule and field location for each of the teams: